About PBCW

Dear Friends,

Nepal is well known as a birth place of Lord Buddha and Land of Mt. Everest. Our country is rich for its traditional cultures, natural beauties & its resources. Thus, Nepal has always been the centre of attraction for tourists. Despite all these, it is quite pity for us that there are so many orphan and helpless children living inside this beautiful country. They neither have food to eat nor have cloths to wear. Some even do not have home to live and they are in lack of proper education & health.

Nepal has a rapidly growing population, scant resources and low-economic growth. All of which is creating many serious problems for its people day by day. Most faculties still reside in the rural regions of the country bearing large numbers of children and earning very low income. They are hundreds of years behind the modern world.

Nepal that aims to support orphaned, abandoned, scheduled or otherwise needy children from different rural regions of Nepal where the government has been unable to reach and even the non- government agencies are not represented. PBCW is dedicated to assuring a bright future of Nepalese children who have very poor socio- economic condition than others. Children from different remote parts of Nepal share this home as their pathway to a new life with help from the people by especially from FRANCE as well as different countries of the world.

We, being the responsible citizen of Nepal, have started social organizations, called Peace & Beautiful Children Welfare (PBCW) and Milestone Youth Welfare (MYW), to generate support & conduct social activities for these children. We are legally registered on the year 2007 and 2012 respectively as per the constitutional Law, Rules & Regulation of Nepal Government.

By the grace of god, we have been getting support from different parts of the world so far. Presently, we support 54 children through our organization – Peace & Beautiful Children Welfare and 13 youths through Milestone Youth Welfare. We have been providing them all kinds of services. Like: Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education, Health care, entertainment etc. We have staffs to look after them and give them a proper education after school. We are also planning to adopt more needy children and provide better services for them. The main objective of our organization is to support the needy children for their better future. Because we think that they really deserve it.

Since, PBCW & MYW is working for a noble cause; it would be our pleasure if you could be a part of this social team. A small support from your side can be a big help for these children’s future as they also have a right to live their life like others.

Manish Shrestha
Peace & Beautiful Children Welfare
Milestone Youth Welfare (MYW)