Sponsorship Program

PBCW Individual Child Sponsorship Program!

Our sponsorship program is designed to promote a long term bond between a sponsor and a child in order to increase the sustainability of peace & Beautiful Children Home (PBCW). The cost of sponsoring a child annually is 1400 Euro. We ask our sponsors to consider supporting their child up to their higher education (+2), private collages, private boarding school, which ranges at this point from 6 to 15 years. We understand that these are uncertain times, and sometimes this won’t always be possible,but we request that you take this to heart before committing as a sponsor. You may prefer to make a contribution to our general operating fund. Thank you for joining our PBCW Family. We are very happy that you recognize the value of the goals set forth by our organization. With the support from people like you the children of PBCW enjoy loving care in a warm, comfortable home-style atmosphere, quality education, regular health checkups and an ample, well balanced diet. We created the following guidelines so that your sponsorship will be a rewarding experience for all.

As a sponsor we will provide you with a bi-annual progress report of your child. These reports will include school information, any medical treatments, and general disposition of the child. The report will also include a recent photo and an original piece of artwork. Their education levels and world-views vary tremendously. We do encourage sponsors to write very simple letters to their child, and to include photos or drawings. These can be sent directly to PBCW and we will give it to your special child or you can write an e-mail directed towards the children or youth on their personal address. We believe that, over time as the children adjust to this program that more personal correspondence will develop.

We ask that sponsors refrain from giving the children individual gifts to celebrate a birthday or holiday. We provide plenty of clothing and toys for the children, and sharing is a big part of our disciplinary routine. If you are compelled to do this please provide something for all the children such as funding for an outing or small picnic or any activity that all of the children can enjoy together.

Please feel free to contact with us at any time if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. Again, we consider you as a family member and your inputs are always welcome and important to us.

Special Request!!!

We are very much overwhelmed by the support we have been getting from our valued donors & sponsors. This is indeed a very appreciable thing to help the needy children for their better future.

The amount which can meet be the necessities of the children, Hostel & office expenses would be around 1400 Euro of year. BUT… we would not like to give you any kind of pressure & trouble .But still it could be very helpful if you could provide us any kind of support in terms of financial as per your wish or any other important stuffs for children, Hostel and office.

PLEASE take this as a just our SPECIAL REQUEST from PBCW and not as a compulsion. We just want to keep inform about everything (problem & Progress), since you all are very essential & important part of PBCW & MYW.

In the meantime, we would also like to inform you that PBCW is planning to start its own school in near future. We all are working on it. We have finalized the location, and all. We would highly appreciate it you could co-operate us with teacher, volunteers, other necessary things for school, Hostel and office or any worth of financial help or support.