Milestone Youth Welfare

Milestone Youth Welfare (MYW) is mainly focused on providing opportunities for the youth after they pass out from their school level to continue their education without disruption. It is being operated as a sister concern to Peace & Beautiful Children Welfare (PBCW) and was initiated from 2012 in order to support our PBCW children even when they come out from school for their further studies. The main objective is to make them well educated and independent to experience better lives in future. MYW provides these youngsters platform and bridges the gap between educated and uneducated
We have been succeeded to educate almost around 45 numbers of youth that have been passed out from PBCW and still working for educating more. Youth is a significant group in the world. They are often considered to represent the future as they bring new ideas and energy to add to pool of knowledge that currently exists. They can bring enthusiasm and vitality which can lead to new discoveries and developments that can benefit society or even the world at large. We are proud to share Pictures of our youth in MYW who have accomplished to reach their dream with the support of our donors and members and are doing great in their field of interest.

Roshan Shrestha
Sagam Gaire
Sagar Gurung
Sagar KC
Santosh Pokharel
Sharmila Khatri
Shova Adhikari
Srijana Lopchan
Sunita Ghalan
Sunmaya Ghalan
Sushant Thapa
Sushma Yongan
Tej Prasad
Manisha Giri
Mingmar Moktan
Navraaj Shahi
Neema Glan
Netup Shrerpa
Pardeep Gurung
Pasang Dolma
Raju Timalsena
Ramesh Adhikari
Rama Tandukar
Rita BK
Gaurav Shrestha
Gyanu Sherpa
Kala Bhandari
Kalpana Tamang
Kevin Ghartimagar
Kirshna Nirula
Laxman Danuwar
Lokmaya Shyangbo

Lokmaya Shyangbo

Man Bahadur Tamang
Anushka Thapa
Ashis Paneru
Bijay Ghartimagar
Chhabi Gharti Magar
Dipesh Adhikari
Eusion Rai