What We Do

PBCW/ MYW mainly focus on four essential things that are interconnected to achieving big goals of helping the children and youth live better and healthy lives.


The first and foremost factor that plays a vital role for the growth and development of the children is the secured and nurturing environment along with proper food and shelter. Children are more likely to thrive physically, emotionally and socially in safe and healthy environment. Thus we ensure the secured, caring and enriched environment by;

  • Providing the quality foster care with regard to the provision of food, clothing and shelter
  • Maintaining two way communication
  • Supervising and monitoring round the clock by our responsible staff.


Health and Poverty are strongly linked to each other. So by investing in health, we ensure healthy lives and good future for the children. Our health program emphasizes on two important things.

  • Developing healthy habits among kids and youth by providing training in healthy hygiene and sanitation
  • Providing health care and services and adequate medical attention as and when needed


Education plays a very important role in everyone’s life by building personality and improving knowledge and skills. We ensure equitable quality education and learning opportunities for PBCW children by

  • Facilitating school fees, uniforms, supplies, tutoring and scholarships
  • Providing formal education from school till college


Empowerment helps to build leadership, teamwork and confidence in children. Thus we conduct the empowerment session to create positive impact in them.

Here are some of the ways we work to empower them

  • Conducting creative programs like: dance, arts etc that helps to enhance their interpersonal skills, cope with emotions and stress and develop confidence.
  • Providing sports activities like: football, karate etc. for physical fitness and to learn important life skills like problem solving, decision making, and teamwork and conflict resolution.
  • Using proven curriculum about social and behavioral development for self-awareness towards community problem, social problem and others, personal responsibility, social skills, money management etc.


The project goal and purpose with output intended for the extension phase are as below:

  • To serve and contribute towards the welfare of underprivileged children and youth in Nepal
    Provide a secure and nurturing environment that will provide shelter, nutritious food, clothing, education, adequate medical attention and training in hygiene and sanitation to needy children so that they may lead a healthy and a dignified life.
  • Provide skill development program or extra training in their related field after graduation from collage for the betterment of their future.
  • Provide quality education and at the same time special vocational or skill development training in order to encourage self- reliance.
  • Also PBCW and MYW aim to provide scholarships to outside poor and under privileged children.
Purpose: Improve lifestyle of children from poor and excluded background by providing essential needs and support needed including education, health, food and shelter to live better and healthy life.
 Six key outputs have been envisioned: 
1: Formal quality education and opportunities for more number of deprived children and youth from various remote areas in Nepal
2: More extracurricular activities, training and empowerment programs for personal, physical and social development to be provided
3: Enhance Functional alignment and collaborative relation with local government bodies (like: VDCs, SWC and other related agencies)
4: Vocational training and skill development in the related field after graduation for their self-reliance
5: Scholarship program for more number of less fortunate children and youth from different regions of Nepal
 6: Adequate supervision and support for development needed