Why we need your support

Every member of PBCW is enormously grateful for the generous support of our well-wishers and sponsors. The support offered is truly life changing and the difference it makes is immensely commendable and immeasurable. Our mission as a charity is to raise fund to enable to continue the best possible care to the destitute children and youth. The more we get support, the more we will be enabled to support more number of children and youth from poor family.

As a matter of fact, Nepal has 46 % of its population living below the poverty line.  Poverty rates are higher in rural areas especially in mountain regions. Many children in Nepal are lacking proper education and healthcare. Child labor is another problem most of the children in remote areas are facing. Beside there are innumerable cases of disappearance, death and dropouts from school.

We are trying to reach out such children to give them safe and healthy lives. We initially started with 20 numbers of children in 2007. With the great unconditional support from our sponsors and associated members, presently we have succeeded to extend our services to all together 64 number children till now. And also we are providing higher education in different prestigious colleges in Kathmandu for those who have already passed out from school. We take it as our accomplishment.

We still look for more children waiting to be sponsored. We choose those children who are experiencing severe poverty, abandoned and conflict victim.

You can join us in this journey to make the lives of children as we are committed in investing for their betterment. It gives you an opportunity to witness young lives transformed for the future. Contribution from individual change lives of another individual.