How You Can Help Us

How You Can Help Us…..

  • You can become an Individual Child Sponsor: 1000 Euro per year. This amount covers the costs of one child’s food, clothing, housing, and education for an entire year. This commitment is made to the child until he/she is no longer under the guardianship of Peace & Beautiful Children Welfare.
  • You could help support our Community Scholarship Program, which provides financial support for the schooling of children who live outside the Orphanage.
  • You could become a Volunteer or Trainee.
  • Establish a charity in the name of Peace & Beautiful Welfare to support its program and future goals.
  • Provide general organizational support.

Help us to begin and conduct any social programs, like a Community Health Post, or help in building the infrastructure within the local schools, as well as, many other things.

Our other Requirements:

We know that it is a big commitment to make the decision to sponsor a child individually and it can be much financially for one person to manage. If 750 Euro a year is much for you to provide but you are still interested in sponsoring a child, there are other options. For example, you can round up some of your friends and acquaintances and take part in a ‘half’ sponsorship, each of you providing just part of the total cost. You can also choose to sponsor a child from our Scholarship Program, simply covering the costs for a child’s education. We believe that to sponsor child from our orphanage is very rewarding things in your life.

There are many ways you can help to support Peace & Beautiful Children Welfare. Your small contribution can make a great difference to our children lives. The following is a list of the many financial requirements:

  1. Clothes: with different sizes
  2. School Bags and Shoes
  3. Fruits: Seasonal fruits (nutritionally essential)
  4. Food: Including breakfast, lunch, dinner and school snacks.
  5. Meat: Provided twice a week for all children
  6. Celebration or Party:
  7. Dance Class:
  8. Picnic: Usually three times a year.
  9. School Dress Set:
  10. Stationery & books:
  11. Medicine and Treatment:
  12. Bedding Materials:
  13. Cinema or Outing:
  14. Music & Sports equipments:
  15. Utilities: electricity, water and gas or others necessary things…
  16. Toys and Dolls:
  17. Art supplies:
  18. Comics, Story Books, Playing Materials etc…
  19. House Rent :
  20. Any things which you want to present the children: