Other Sponsorship Options

If 1000 Euro a year seems not possible to provide but you are still interested in sponsoring a child, there are other options too. You can round up some of your friends and acquaintances and take part in ‘half’ share sponsorship, each of you providing just part of the total cost. You can also choose to sponsor a child from our Scholarship Program, simply covering the costs for a child’s education. We believe that to sponsor child is very rewarding in our life.

There are many ways you can help to support the children. Your small contribution can make a great difference to our children’s lives. With the help of your donation, we will be able to meet the essential requirements of the children as follows:

  1. House rent
  2. Utilities:electricity, water and gas or others necessary things…
  3. Food:Including breakfast, lunch, dinner and school snacks.
  4. Fruits:Seasonal fruits (nutritionally essential)
  5. Meat:Provided twice a week for all children
  6. Bedding Materials:
  7. School Dress Set
  8. School Bags and Shoes
  9. Stationery & books:
  10. Clothes:with different sizes
  11. Celebration or Party:
  12. Picnic:Usually three times a year.
  13. Cinema or Outing:
  14. Music & Sports equipments:
  15. Dance Class:
  16. Art supplies:
  17. Toys and Dolls:
  18. Comics, Story Books, Playing Materials etc…